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Industrial starch processing Alpha-amylases are applied to hydrolyse starch into soluble Oligosaccharides and Malto-Dextrine. Further application of saccharifying Enzymes will provide the simple sugar profiles required. Fungal Alpha- and Beta amylases yield Maltose whereas the use of GA and Pullulanase will produce Glucose. The latter can be converted into Fructose Syrup using a Glucose Isomerase. Paper and Pulp Industry To adjust and set the coating viscosity, native starch is modified by Alpha-amylase. The improvement by enzymes in pulp bleaching with a lower consumption of chlorine compounds is achieved by applying Xylanases, particularly when working with hardwood. During pitch-control, pre-treatment with Lipases prevents the formation of pitch in triglycerides. In de-inking, the pre-treatment of a mix of Cellulases, Xylanases and Lipases favours the removal of ink in recovered paper recycling. Textile industry For further processing of textiles such as dying and bleaching, the starch-containing size needs to be removed. Starch degradation is performed under heat treatment by applying Alpha-amylases. Nowadays, the application field of enzymes in textile industry goes a lot further than just desizing. Following new trends, today not only Amylases, but also Cellulases for the so-called biostoning or biopolishing are in use. For further textile treatment new special enzymes has been developed. Alcohol industry Both potable and fuel Alcohol are produced from a wide range of Cereal substrates by Enzymatic routes. Examples are Wheat, Barley, Corn, Potato etc. As in Starch Liquefaction Alpha-amylases are applied in early stages followed by Glucoamylsas and Derivatives in fermenter. To increase the efficiency and yield Cellulases/Hemicellulases can be added to help solubilise the non-Starch Polysaccharides. Miscellaneous The largest application field for enzymes is the Detergents/Cleaning market. Here, with the help of Proteases, Lipases and Cellulases a better cleaning action is obtained, under gentle and energy saving conditions. In flour and bakery products, the addition of Alpha- and Beta-amylases improve dough processing, flavour und dough volume. In gluten degradation, proteases increase the dough extensibility. Certain Xylanases decompose Fibrils and are most suitable for the processing of highly viscous Rye and Wheat Flours. The field of application goes a lot further, as enzymes can be used e.g. in leather treatment, silage and Animal Feed production, cheese maturing, meat processing, wine production, etc..
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