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Enzymes are naturally derived chemical Proteins which act as Biocatalysts. Used in industry they replace toxic or aggressive chemicals, thereby greatly reducing the amount of energy in the production process. Enzymes are biodegradable and they help the business world to make an important contribution economically and towards our environment. These excellent characteristics create the foundation of our principles and they set up the value of our day-to-day-business. The innovative production line of technical enzymes offers an environmentallyfriendly processing method to the business world and the society, that opens a door to sustain our mutual ecological policy :
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Today, it goes without saying, that sustainability is the central principle of our world growing together : Create now new opportunities and offer later generations a life and the vision full of all possibilities. This can only be achieved in co-operation with the business-world and, therefore, every company has to adopt responsibility for the economy of his country, the global ecosystem and the generations to follow. Last but not least you will be investing in the future by increasing corporate values and contributing to both the business market and the environment. This by expanding your knowledge, increasing confidence in your products and making a contribution to the eco-system.
"Constant development is a development, that is satisfying the needs of the present time, without risking, that future generations will not be able to satisfy their own needs" World Commission on Environment and Development ("Brundtland-Commission"), 1987
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